Pixel 4a photos reveal one small but important change

We've witnessed the announcement of quite a few new Android phones, almost all of them marketed at those with big bucks to spare. Motorola did launch three Moto G phones which may also be a bit too low for some consumers' tastes. Android purists will always prefer Google's experience anyway and the Pixel 4a is the mid-range phone they might be waiting for. A few photos of the device in the real world shows almost all the goodies we've seen on the Pixel 3a plus something new that could get Pixel fans excited.

Google's Pixel phones haven't exactly been known for their beauty, at least not after the OG Pixel. At a time when even the iPhone is pushing out bezels, Google opted for thick chins and foreheads or even a deep "bucket" notch. Somewhat ironically, it might finally be jumping on current design trends but only starting with its mid-range phone.

Photos tweeted by TechDroider of an alleged Pixel 4a show very thin bezels all around. That's made possible by a punch-hole cutout in the corner rather than a traditional bezel or even a wide notch. That, in turn, is only possible because the Pixel 4a won't have the sophisticated sensors that the Pixel 4 has for detecting objects and gestures.

Aside from that, the Pixel 4a looks a lot like the Pixel 3a, especially in terms of hardware features that are there. A rear fingerprint scanner and, perhaps more importantly, a headphone jack are still present. Specs of the phone are still uncertain at this point but a screenshot of the Settings app does at least confirm the Pixel 4a name and 64 GB of storage.

Of course, these photos may not be the real deal so it's best not to keep hopes up too high. There is also still no known date for Google's announcement but it could be in May like the Pixel 3a last year. Given delays due to the COVID-19 virus, however, later dates are also possible.