Pixel 4 leaks continue to flow ahead of launch

It may be Apple's time on stage but, for Android, users, it might just be even more reason to anticipate the next big Android flagship. And for die-hard Android fans, there is no flagship better than Google's flagship. The Pixel 4's launch is still unknown but, thanks to a recent spat of leaks, there is little left to know about the fourth-gen Pixel phone. This latest dump practically completes the picture, including alleged hands-on of the phones themselves.

The Pixel 4 is naturally expected to have top-end specs this year but, unfortunately, there is one new detail that may disappoint some. Instead of the latest Snapdragon 855+, the Pixel 4 is now reported to only sport the Snapdragon 855 instead. The difference between the two isn't exactly night and day but it's still disappointing to hear that Google's latest and greatest will stop one step short in that regard.

The phone does have a high-end screen with a 6.23-inch panel with 3040x1440 pixels. Other than that, however, it's not exactly revolutionary and, in fact, returns to more bezels especially on top. Of course, that's for the sake of the Project Soli "Motion Sense" gestures. That said, as This is Tech Today points out, there's still quite some bezel even at the side edges.

As for the other specs, the Pixel 4 might also disappoint a bit with just 6 GB of RAM. That may be all that Google believes Android phones need, considering how slow it has been moving to higher and higher memory capacities. Even worse, perhaps, is the 2,800 mAh battery for the smaller Pixel an the 3,700 mAh pack for the XL size.

Another recent leak has been the new orange color, now shown in moving pictures. It's definitely an unusual option that could turn heads. But with the proliferation of skins and cases, an unusual color is more than what the Pixel 4 will need to beat the Pixel 3's disappointing sales.