Pixel 3 XL unboxing video is just the latest gift from Russia

JC Torres - Aug 26, 2018, 11:53pm CDT
Pixel 3 XL unboxing video is just the latest gift from Russia

Because we’re totally not expecting Google to unveil the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones this week, there’s no reason to stop the train of leaks just because IFA 2018 is around the corner. Even if there’s practically nothing left of the Pixel 3 to be leaked at this point. But what better way to top it all off than with an unboxing video of the Pixel 3 XL set to a very soothing background music. And that is exactly what YouTube channel In DIGI delivers, from Russia, with love.

This unboxing video is pretty much the moving pictures version of photos we’ve been gifted of late. It also confirms the accessories that will come in the box, including the USB-C adapters. Yes, it pretty much confirms everything because they’re most likely from the same batch of black market Pixel 3 XL’s.

If this is indeed the Pixel 3 XL, there will be no shortage of disappointed fans. The very white glass design might make some pine for the dual-tone old days. Gone is the contrasting orange button as well, it seems. And, of course, there’s the “bucket” notch, which seems to house two front cameras.

Those cameras have mostly been the bread and butter of the Pixel phones’ existence and there is some concerns that this year might be the year that the Pixel finally collapses under the weight of its own fame. Google may have sat far too long on its AI-generated laurels, giving others in the market time to surpass it. Then again, these were the same doubts with the Pixel 2 and Google still managed to pull a rabbit out of that hat.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that this isn’t the Pixel 3 XL, that we’ve been duped by fakes all along. Or that Google itself was behind what could be the trolling of the decade. We wouldn’t put that past it either.

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