Pixel 3 to have these features after all

JC Torres - Jun 11, 2018, 12:02 am CDT
Pixel 3 to have these features after all

Nearly half-way through the year, we’re basically left waiting for only two more premium smartphones: Apple’s new iPhones and, of course, Google’s third-generartion Pixel phones. Uncharacteristically, we seem to know more about the 2018 iPhones than the Pixel 3. Or to be more precise, we’re getting a bunch of conflicting leaks that leave us scratching our head. While these might not exactly be 100% confirmation, new evidence suggests that the Google Pixel 3 might at least have these two features, the latter of which has been a recent point of contention.

Google has the habit of taking away features without warning. That is true for software but also true for hardware. For example, it removed wireless charging on its devices starting with the Nexus 6P and, despite earlier boasting, removed the headphone jack as well.

So it’s somewhat reassuring to see signs that one feature isn’t being removed in the Pixel 3. That is the Active Edge, based on HTC’s Edge Sense. The feature debuted in the Pixel 2 and, while it wasn’t exactly a killer feature, it has its fair share of fans. Especially considering how it’s more customizable than a permanent Bixby, or even LG, button.

As for the other feature, the Pixel 3 XL was earlier suspected of featuring wireless charging support after it was leaked that it had a full glass back. Although that design may not be reliable evidence, source code is. According to changes in Android P’s source code, wireless charging permissions is being added to Google-specific packages. Again, this might simply mean Android P itself is opening the doors for it, but, considering Android P will debut with the Pixel 3, the pairing couldn’t be more perfect.

Aside from these, the Pixel 3, specifically the Pixel 3 XL, is expected to support a taller than usual notch. This is, according to speculation, meant to support dual front cameras flanking the upper front speaker. Ironically, the Pixel 3 will retain its single main camera, despite the industry-wide jump to dual cameras and, soon, even triple cameras.

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