Pixel 3 launch date leaked by Google itself

They say third time's a charm and that Google might try to make that saying true. While many will be waiting to see what Samsung has in store for the mobile market this week, some of the Android faithful are not so interested in what the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Tab S4 have to offer. Instead, they're waiting with bated breath for what they consider the creme of the Android crop: the Google Pixel 3. And thanks to Google itself, we now know it's going to announce it on the same day as the other Pixel phones.

The revelation comes via This is Tech Today. YouTube channel owner Brandon Lee spotted a posting on advertising platform Famebit allegedly made by Google calling for content creators and influencers to cover the Pixel 3 launch. Luckily for us, Google was kind enough to let creators know when exactly that launch will take place.

Although there's always a probability of a hoax, that same October 4th date has been used to launch both generations of Pixel phones. Those days also marked the official announcement of the Google Home (2016), the Pixelbook, and the Google Home Max and Mini (2017). So the chances are pretty high it will be the same this year.

Interest around the Google Pixel 3 revolves less around its specs than they do about its design. Based on leaks, Google will be embracing the notch, thankfully only one, but still retains a formidable chin. There are also whispers of wireless charging finally making a comeback. And still no dual cameras, because why fix what ain't broken.

Along with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Google is also expected to unveil a new Pixelbook, new Pixel Buds, and even the first Pixel-branded Wear OS smartwatch. Whether it will make those products available on October 4 immediately, the Famebit posting leaves it open to interpretation. If it is following old patterns, however, that would be a no.