Pixel 2 camera issue causes banding effect around LED light

Another day, another user report tipping an unwanted effect from some part of the Pixel 2 phone. This time around, the issue is an unusual banding effect that presents on some handsets when the phone's camera is in LED light. On video, this banding effect looks almost like a strobe, and is apparent when the camera is pointed at an LED light source, such as an LED light bulb or LED display.

This issue has been reported by some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners, as well as being demonstrated in action in the video below. The effect can happen both on video and when taking images, but doesn't always appear. For example, in the video below, the banding effect appears when he moves his head a bit, exposing the light source behind him, but disappears when he moves his head back in front of the light.

This issue isn't shared by the original Pixel smartphone. The banding effect spoils the otherwise excellent camera included with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones, making it effectively useless for anyone who planned to use the camera for things like preserving memories or recording YouTube videos.

This is the latest instance of a growing number of problems with some of the latest generation Pixel phones, though the other problems center around the larger Pixel 2 and primarily concern the display. For example, many users are unhappy about the fairly extreme blue tint that appears on the phone's display when viewed from an angle. Others have complained about rapid onset burn-in problems that leave a ghosted image on the display.

Some other issues have been reported, some of them due to quality control problems such as devices shipping without an operating system installed. Others have been more easily fixed bugs, such as the speaker noise some users would hear when taking a call. Google has also addressed complaints about dull screen colors via a software update.

SOURCE: Google Product Forums