Pixar teams with Khan Academy to teach animation, simulation and more

Khan Academy, the online service that provides free instructional videos on a wide range of educational topics, has announced a new major partnership with the animation studio Pixar. The team-up has resulted in Pixar creating and sharing a huge course covering the basics of everything animation creation, including things like using virtual cameras, Pixar's own storytelling process, simulation processes, 'color science,' and more.

The new course is called 'Pixar in a Box,' and it is the result of a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. The series introduces viewers to scientists, Pixar artists/coders/sculptors, actual Pixar creation processes, problems encountered during the course of creating Pixar films, working methods, and much (much) more. John Lasseter even makes an appearance.

In true Khan Academy style, the Pixar in a Box course is its own distinct entity split up into categories with as few as three or as high as 28 components. The course has a total of 15 categories, and they including things like "The Art of Storytelling," "Animation," "Environment modeling," "Sets & Staging," "Rendering," and more. Completing the videos and lessons earns users energy points per usual.

Anyone can access and follow the course for free, and that includes educators. The course includes an 'Educator's guide' in the "Lesson Guides" categories, helping teachers (and parents, etc) get a grasp of what the course covers and its finer details, such as time needed to complete certain things and more. Hit up the link below to view the course for yourself!

SOURCE: Khan Academy