Piss-Screen – New bathroom game lets you know if you’ve had too many to drive

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 9, 2007

Going to the bathroom is generally pretty boring unless you’re at home and have a good book. If you’re out in a public place, you don’t even have that. Well if these urinal games catch on at least guys will have something to keep them entertained.

The urinal game market actually started back in 2006 with the introduction of TopsPEEd, a game where you controlled a racing car with your own racing stream. Now a new game is starting to show up in  Frankfurt called Piss-Screen. It’s got a similar idea, dodge traffic with your car by moving your pee back-and-forth. The main difference is that it will tell you if you’re too drunk to be driving home.

I’m not sure how accurate their sobriety test is, since some people obviously have a bad aim. Just look at the floors in a bathroom sometime, some people can’t even hit a target as large as a urinal, let alone a paddle inside of the urinal.

The Pee Game That Cares [via kotaku]

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