Pirates of Crystal Chronicles are greeted with a very thankful screen

With the rise of high-speed internet came an increase in pirated goods. Anything from music to movies and video games are tossed up on the internet for all to download only a short time after (or sometimes before) they are released for purchase. After being out for only a very short while, a pirated ROM of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles appeared, and was downloaded by many. What makes this game different is that while the pirates are able to get ahold of it with ease, they are finding it rather difficult to actually keep playing it.

People that have downloaded the ROM have noted that they are able to get the game running just as easily as any other, however, at intermittent times they are greeted with the above image on their screens. At which point the game ends and they have to start over from their last save point. This screen is similar (exactly the same) as what you would see in the demo version of the game, only it's appearing in pirated versions of the full game.

It's not known whether or not this is some plot from Nintendo and Square Enix to prevent piracy. However, evidence suggests that it may actually be an issue with the flash cards that are being used to pirate the game. Either way, it's a bit amusing, and will likely result in some of the pirates getting fed up with the issues and actually purchasing the game.

[via DS Fanboy]