Pioneer rolls out six new car receivers for 2016

Pioneer Electronics has rolled out its line of car receivers for 2016. There are six CD receivers in the new line and one digital media receiver. The six CD receivers include the DEH-X6800BT, DEH-X5800HD, DEH-X4800BT, DEH-X3800S, DEH-X3800UI and DEH-X2800UI and the lone digital media receiver is the MVH-X380BT.

That digital media receiver makes up for lacking a CD player by adding in smartphone centric tech and entertainment options via Bluetooth. It supports Android Open Accessory Protocol AOA 2.0, Android Media Transfer Protocol, Siri Eyes Free, and Pandora station creation. It also has USB Auto Switch and MIXTRAX technology.

CD receivers DEH-X6800BT, DEH-X4800BT, and MVH-X380BT all have integrated Bluetooth wireless for hands free calling and music streaming. These three devices also support Bluetooth Dual Connection for full time connectivity with two smart devices at once. That means you can pick up calls from either of the paired phones.

All of the receiver models support Pandora Station Creation while the app is in use. The devices also have a new cosmetic design with a more open and accessible display than previous models. The line of receivers will launch this month starting at $90. The digital media receiver MVH-X380BT will launch in September for $95.