Pioneer Put Off The Ice-Powered Flagship AV Receiver SC-LX90, Again?

The 140w x 10ch Ice-powered Pioneer AV receiver was announced back in last October with December release. The schedule was pushed to February due to specification changes in production level, now is looking at another postpone to late March.

What's the excuse this time? Impress says the company needed more time to finalize the software. While you're at it, check out the Aving CEATEC 2007 video eye-candy on the LX-90. Sure, the Marvell 88DE2710's powered flagship got the bells and whistles including DTS-MA decoding and massive 10 channels ice-powered modular but they need to reconsider the huge 880,000 yen ($8,200 equiv.) price tag. But i have to admit, the user interfaces and appearance are freaking awesome!

[via impress]