Pioneer Network Vision HUD Video Demo

Pioneer brought along its latest in-car technology to CEATEC 2010 this week, with a demo of their work-in-progress Network Vision HUD (head-up display).  The system – which was being demonstrated to SlashGear Japan with screens showing the moving road ahead, and a partial windshield which you could peer through – projects animations, directions and general guidance glyphs onto the glass, overlaid on top of what's happening in the real world.

Video demo after the cut

It's a little like automated reality for your car, though obviously more mindful of the fact that you're first and foremost supposed to be paying attention to your driving.  Rather than integrate the whole PND system into the car, Pioneer's setup allows you to pair a smartphone running your choice of PND app via Bluetooth or WiFi.

An RGB laser pico-projector system creates the graphics, and according to SlashGear Japan was reasonably visible even with the showfloor lighting.  Pioneer reckon that by avoiding the need to glance down at a dedicated or in-dash GPS you'll spend more time watching the road, and are hoping to commercialize the system in the future.

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