Pioneer Japan Rolls Out New EX Series Premium Speaker System

Introduced couple years ago at CES, the Pioneer EX Loudspeaker Series is up for an update. Pioneer Japan announced the new EX series 8 premium speakers worldwide, with existing Technical Audio Device (TAD ) concept and technology.

20Khz is the highest frequency generally audible by humans but the EX series pushes the limit to 50khz and up to 100khz on the main speakers using HSMOD, an ultra-high frequency reproduction technology stands for Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method. The series is rated at 6Ω of impedance and has a low output sensitivity of ~85db, and capability to handle max power input of 130Watts. Adjustable phase control is a standard on all speakers for placement flexibility.

The main floor-standing S-81 is a 4-way speaker design with 30hz-100khz frequency response. It features a dual 13cm(5-inch) cone woofer, 13cm coaxial cone (5-inch) tweeter and a 2.5cm super –tweeter. The S-81C is a 3-way speakers design like the main speaker without the super tweeter. The surrounds or bookshelf type S-81B-LR is a 2-way design without the super-tweeter and 5-inch midrange. Both surrounds and center has a frequency response range of 40hz-50khz.

The EX series will be released in late October with pricing information as follows: S-81 for 220,000 yen ($2,040 USD), S-81C for 150,000 yen ($1,391), and pair of S-81B-LR for 150,000 yen ($1,391)

[via Avwatch Pioneer ]