Pioneer DVR-X162J DVD Burner is dustproof

Brenda Barron - Nov 18, 2008
Pioneer DVR-X162J DVD Burner is dustproof

Super durable tech products is not exactly a new thing. But I have to say, when I learned that the Pioneer DVR-X162J DVD Burner was dustproof, I paused for a moment. Since when was the ability to repel dust a feature? But it looks like this is a feature we can all appreciate, after all.

This external DVD burner is perfect for someone that finds it extremely tedious to dust their electronics or simply live with messy people. It can burn at up to 20X but the real attraction here is its dustproof enclosure.

Another great feature is that this burner has Pure Read Technology. This tech makes for improved music quality and voice data sound quality. Another feature is Power Read. This makes it so you can still play those CDs and DVDs that have been badly scratched or scuffed.

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