Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer is aimed at beginners

Shane McGlaun - Sep 22, 2011, 7:48am CDT
Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer is aimed at beginners

Pioneer has a bunch of DJ gear that is aimed at advanced DJs all the way down to the starter DJ that includes speakers and other gear. The company has announced a new DJ mixer called the DJM-250 and it is an entry level DJ mixer that has features for the DJ starting out that will allow them to create their own unique music. The DJM-250 has the functionality of a pro mixer according to Pioneer and has the first 2-channel filter effects in the industry.

The device also has eight different inputs and XLR balanced outputs. Other features for the device include a sound color filter, which is a manual filter function on each channel of the device that is enabled with a large knob and can be adjusted to the tune and the DJs tastes. The filter allows the mixing of fader and EQ effects.

The device has eight inputs with patch for four DJ multi-player and analog turntable inputs, three AUX inputs, and a mic input. The mixer can also act as a pre-amp for PCs and other gear. The mixer is compatible with 48 kHz/24-bit digital processing and supports fader start play functionality. It also has peak level meters, and can be rack mounted. A black version will launch in December for $399 and a white version will land in January for $399.

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