Pioneer DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller Is For Serato DJ Software Users

Pioneer has added yet another device to its DJ product mix. This new product is called the DDJ-SP1 and Pioneer says that it is a slim and compact sub-controller offering multiple performance pads, controls, buttons, and knobs designed to trigger audio samples and effects. The DDJ-SP1 can be matched with other components using MIDI controller functionality.

The DJ controller has 16 performance pads allowing for seven different functions including hot loop, auto loop, manual loop, hot cue, roll, slicer, and sampler. The device also has a Velocity Mode function that is able to determine output volume of the sample based on how hard the pads are struck.

Each of the pads can be assigned to be a hot cue point and the device has blue illumination identifying the state of play providing graphics feedback to the user. Other features include a sample volume better located between the performance pads to control the output of the trigger pads. The device also has a Slip Mode allowing continuous music playback in the background as loops and hot cues are being performed.

The device also has multiple FX knobs and buttons better range for Saratov DJ software iZotope effects. Pioneer also ships the controller with a free download of the Serato Video plug-in allowing users to add video, effects, and image files with their music. The device supports USB connectivity and charging in measures 12.9 x 7 x 1.8-inches. The device will be available in October for $499.

SOURCE: Pioneer DJ