Pioneer BDR-03J Blu-ray burner has 8x speed

If you're looking for a new Blu-ray burner to perhaps finally jump into the whole Blu-ray burning thing, then you might be interested in the Pioneer BDR-03J. This burner is capable of up to 8x speeds. Impressed yet?

This Blu-ray PC burner is really fast. It can burn Blu-ray media at up to 8x speed. But it is also capable of burning DVD-R at 16x and even CD-R at 32x. That's pretty cool, even if you don't make mix CDs very much anymore.

This serial-ATA optical drive is expected to be released in January sometime, though only Japan. There's no information on whether or not this fast Blu-ray burning wonder will make it stateside, but we will certainly keep our fingers crossed.