Pinterest users can now log into other apps with their Pinterest account

Frequent users of social networks know that often you can log into apps and other websites using your credentials from some of the biggest social networks like Facebook. Pinterest has announced that users of its site can now log into other apps with their Pinterest accounts and by doing so users get new ways to pin images to Pinterest to share.

One of the sites you can log into using Pinterest credentials is IFTTT and when users login with Pinterest account details, they can save any photo on the site on Instagram as a Pin. The new service also works with other things such as Reddit up votes, Etsy favorites, or other Pinterest recipes that users create on IFTTT.

Users of Polyvore can save their collections and sets to Pinterest with any of the fashion, beauty, and home decor items there savable as Pins. For now the new features only work on iOS and desktop PCs, Pinterest says that it is working on bringing this new functionality to Android users.

Users who login with Pinterest credentials and then decide they no longer want to have their details in these third-party apps can remove their Pinterest login information in the Apps section of the Pinterest settings. The ability to log into more apps with Pinterest credentials is coming in the next few months.

SOURCE: Pinterest