Pinterest sued by man who claims the website stole his ideas

Theodore F. Schroeder of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against Pinterest, claiming that the website was originally his idea. The lawsuit is also against one of Pinterest's early investors, Brian Cohen, who Schroeder worked with on a project. Says Schroeder, after having a falling out, Cohen gave Schroeder's ideas away, and they were later implemented in Pinterest.

Schroeder and Cohen were partners in 2007 and 2008 for a project called Rendezvoo and, later on, Skoopwire. Allegedly, Cohen deliberately put the kibosh on Pinterest-like ideas that were going to be implemented into Rendezvoo. Then, later on after the two had separated, Cohen invested in Pinterest, which is said to have utilized several of Schroeder's ideas.

The primary ideas that have allegedly been stolen and used by Pinterest are boards for content and infinite scrolling. It is also being said that Rendezvoo deliberately targeted women, and that Pinterest's high percentage of female users is another indication of its illicit use of another's ideas. Pinterest has responded, stating that the lawsuit is baseless and will be "aggressively fought."

Schroeder's lawyer sent this comment to AllThingsD: "The bottom line is that it's illegal to steal an idea for your own benefit without regard to the originator of that idea. Here, Mr. Cohen joined an existing enterprise in which Mr Schroeder had a majority interest, and then took without permission or right Mr. Schroeder's ideas, concepts, web application and technology."

[via AllThingsD]