Pinterest partners with Getty Images to add pin data

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with Getty Images, something that brings additional information to users. This is one of the network's efforts to increase the value of the network, and follows after things like price drop notifications and other handy changes. Getty Images is home to vast quantities of data, boasting "hundreds of thousands of contributors," and that makes it a valuable tool to the photo-centric social network.

Getty Images is home to a large library of images, something said to be one of the best of the best in the industry. With these images comes a valuable tool — data about each of the photos. Though it varies, the information can include things like where the picture was taken, when it was taken, who took it, and what the picture contains, all valuable metadata.

The obvious use of this is to help elaborate on pins found on Pinterest, of which many are lacking adequate details about the pins. If an image contains something that catches your interest, you could be out of luck if there isn't an accompanying description that explains what the pin contains, and unless you have someone who can elaborate, you might find yourself out of luck.

This is where the Getty Images partnership comes in. Pinterest pays a fee for the shared data on images, and in exchange images found on Pinterest are properly attributed to the relevant party. The network says it is "just getting started," and that it'll have updates on additional functionality from this partnership in the future.

SOURCE: Pinterest