Pinterest design update brings back most beloved days-gone-by features

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 26, 2013, 11:21pm CDT
Pinterest design update brings back most beloved days-gone-by features

All good things come to an end, or so the saying goes. As is the nature of things, product design changes over time see new features added and some old ones eliminated or changed, often without too much hassle or outcry. Occasionally some features prove to have been so beloved by users that they’re brought back, however, reintegrated into the newer design to see the light of day again with new abilities its original iteration never had. Such is the case with the latest Pinterest update.

Pinterest users who were around in its early days will recognize the “new” features that have been added (aka, brought back) in the latest update, including the “See it now” feature that takes a user directly to their pin after pinning it. Another feature the company said users wanted back was “Pinned from”, which showed who a pin was from, making it particularly easy to find others with like-minded tastes. The feature has been brought back.

Simple mentions have been re-introduced in this new update, allowing users to mention friends in a pin description via an “@” tag, which pulls up a list of individuals from which the user can select. Speaking of friends, users can now also see who among their Twitter followers and Facebook friends are using the social network, making it easier to connect and share.

Lest the entire update center around old features, the update also features some improvements, including more notifications thanks to a Recent Activity upgrade. The feature has been moved to the top right corner, and shows notifications for repins, likes, comments, follows, and mentions, as well as access to older notifications. There’s also an improved search that suggests keywords while a query is typed.

[via Pinterest]

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