Pink Xperia XZ lands exclusively at O2 in the UK

The Xperia XZ landed in the US a few days back and is the flagship device from Sony for this year. The catch for shoppers in the US is that you have to pay full price to get the device unlocked. O2 has the smartphone in the UK and it is offering the device on all of its plans with some getting the device for no money up front and £37 monthly. O2 has the smartphone in an exclusive deep pink color.

No matter the color or the country you buy the Xperia XZ in, all of the devices appear to have the same speculations. The smartphone runs a Snapdragon 820 processor paired with 3GB of RAM. The display isn't quite on par with some other flagship devices offering only 1080p.

One of the big features of the Xperia XZ is its camera claiming to be the best you will find in a smartphone. The camera has 23MP resolution and three different types of autofocus. It supports Phase Detect, Laser, and Contrast auto focus modes and the camera will change between those modes depending on what will work best in the shooting situation.

The camera also features Predictive Hybrid AF allowing excellent performance when following a subject. The front camera is also nice with 13MP resolution. One incredibly stupid thing that Sony has done on US version of the Xperia XZ is disable the fingerprint scanner. Word is the sensor is there and it is disabled via firmware. Sony has offered no insight as to why it disabled the fingerprint scanner at this time. US buyers will pay $699 for the device unlocked while the UK fans can get it on monthly tariffs.

SOURCE: Xperia blog