Pink Computer Doesn't Even Donate To Breast Cancer, Is Just Ugly For No Reason

Maybe it's the shade or hue of pink that it is, but I feel the gag reflex going to work every time I look at it. Get this, the url you go to, to buy one of these,, that's hilarious to me.

Other than being obnoxiously pink, it also has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, a DVD burner, 150GB HDD, and 6 USB ports. So, its nothing special, but its respectable and is a good start for the female geek that wants to get into computer building, since you could start by adding graphics, sound, and TV Tuner cards as well as some more hard drive space.

Good luck finding matching Pink peripherals and monitors and speakers, as I'd hope that any of those that are pink, are a better color of pink. You can get one for £409 or about $800.

[via shinyshiny]