Pinhole Camera in real skull is beyond creepy

Brenda Barron - Sep 25, 2008
Pinhole Camera in real skull is beyond creepy

I’m all for highly original, concept products and interesting designs. But when you start using actual human body parts for your gadgets, well, that’s where I jump off the boat.

This pinhole camera was designed by Wayne Martin Bleger and resides inside an actual human skull. The skull is actually taken from the 150-year old remains of a 13 year old girl. And if that weren’t creepy enough for you, the camera is fully functional and has been placed within the ocular cavity of the skull.

And as macabre as this is, the sepia-toned images that this camera is capable of producing are pretty cool looking. Perfect for Halloween, huh? Well, as cool as a camera in a human skull can possibly be.

[via Coolbuzz]

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