Pimp my DS - Swarovsky edition

I love my DS Lite, I carry it around with me practically everywhere, and I try to be nice to it. When I get frustrated with it, I don't get mad and throw it, I just gently close the lid and put it away. I treat it nicely because it provides me with entertainment during times when I would otherwise be bored out of my mind. But I don't care how good it is to me, I'm not going to buy a fancy cover to show it how much I appreciate it.

These covers are completely encrusted with Swarovsky crystals. Then again, it seems like everything is these days. At least they made a commendable effort and made some decent designs out of them. But they're just way too flashy for me. Oh, and did I mention that they're $600 each?

There's just something about spending several times more money on a cover than for the object it's placed on. It's like people that I see driving around in a car that they couldn't have payed more than a few hundred bucks for, but they've managed to drop a few grand on nice rims.

Swarovsky crystal DS Lite covers [via geekologie]