Pilots Union calls for Li-Ion cargo ban over fire risk

Lithium-ion batteries could soon be unwelcome in plane cargo holds, if the world's largest pilots union has its way; in the wake of several explosions where bulk amounts of the batteries have caused fires, the organization is calling for a ban on their transport by plane.  However the ban would not affect individual passengers bringing devices powered by lithium-ion batteries – such as laptops and cellphones – onto planes, though there may be some confusion with checked luggage should li-ion batteries be left inside.

The issue has been precipitated following a number of fires in cargo bays that have been the result of li-ion battery problems; a single power pack catches fire and then sets off a chain reaction in the batteries it is being shipped with.  However the FCC has said it is "not prepared to take emergency action", though it continues to monitor the situation.

[via Cellular-News]