Pill-Sized Camera Designed to be swallowed

Daniel Lim - Feb 8, 2008

I guarantee this is not the typical medical procedure you would like to go though, swallow a capsule-sized camera for 5 to 10 minutes then pull it back up! The engineer behind this yo-yo camera is the only person that has tried it and he said ‘Once you do it, it’s easy’. Right, let’s hope I never get to experiment one.

This pill-sized camera consists of seven fiber optic cables, aims for detecting early signs of esophageal cancer and transmits images of the digestive system. The unique size allows patient to swallow the camera without having to use sedative compare to a standard endoscope that cost more than 10 times. We can only assume the device has no made-in-china stamp and part anywhere. It’s easy to associate anything that’s cheap and china-made with lead these days.

[via cnn]

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