Pikachu Talk skill brings adorable Pokemon voice to Echo, Google Home

The Pokemon Company has turned its attention to the most popular smart speakers on the market, bringing Pikachu and its adorable voice to both the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. With this skill, owners of either device can talk to the Pokemon character and have it talk back. The conversation abilities include telling a story and using Thunderbolt.

The new Alexa and Google Home skill was announced by The Pokemon Company today, which explains that once activated, the user can talk to Pikachu about anything and get responses back. The user doesn't need to address the character with Alexa/Google hotwords for every command, either.

The skill, once installed via the smart speaker's related app, is activated using the phrase, Alexa/Google, ask Pikachu to talk. That command brings Pikachu to life; the skill will remain active for a short while and constantly listen for commands and conversation. If it doesn't hear anything soon, though, it'll turn off and you'll have to relaunch it using the above command.

The user has several interaction options, including the phrase, Use Thunderbolt, which results in a loud, amusing response. Also loud and amusing but twice as long is the command, Tell me a story, which results in passionate gibberish. According to the company, users can also ask Pikachu to sing Happy Birthday or do something weird like say the word pizza 10 times.

The company isn't revealing everything Pikachu can do, however, instead teasing that users may discover some special, secret responses if they spend enough time talking to the Pokemon character.

SOURCE: Pokemon