Pics of Motorola Targa, Droid X 2, and Droid 3 surface

Motorola has really built itself back up on the back of the Android operating system. For a lot of years Motorola was lagging behind competitors in the mobile phone arena but using Android the company has become on one of the more popular smartphone vendors on the market. Pics of three new smartphones that all run Android wearing the Motorola brand have surfaced.

The three new smartphones are the Droid X 2, Droid 3, and a smartphone with the codename Targa. The Targa is the most interesting of the three and the pics show that the smartphone will run on the LTE network. Tweaked images of the device show a 13MP autofocus camera and the smartphone has the humpback of the Droid X smartphone. No other details are known at this point.

The other two smartphones are the Droid X 2 and the Droid 3. Neither of these smartphones will run on the LTE network. The X 2 is said to sport the qHD screen and a dual core processor. The Droid 3 is supposed to have a new keyboard design. However, that keyboard isn't seen in the leaked images.

[via Android Community]