Pi-Boy Classic is an homage to the Gameboy

If you are looking for your next project to work on, something cool has turned up over at Thingiverse called the Pi-Boy Classic. The device is said to be an homage to the original Nintendo Gameboy, only on a smaller scale. The Pi-Boy is about 75% of the size of that original Gameboy Classic. The custom controller under the display is more like a SNES controller than the original Gameboy.

Many of the plastic components appear to be made using a 3D printer, including the D-pad for the controller. The case for the display appears to be 3D printed as well as the case for the controller.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can whip this up for yourself. Power for the portable game device comes from 5V battery packs used inside mobile phones. The design of the Pi-Boy classic was recently updated with a back plate that is sturdier and has magnets that hold onto the screws of the controller and display unit.

This looks to be a fun project, assuming you are capable of printing the needed case components. It requires a alps 4-way navigation switch and colored switches for A, B, X, and Y. Tiny tactile switches are needed as well as the USB plug and cable along with various screws and other components. The instructions aren't exactly explicit on how to assemble the unit.

SOURCE: Thingiverse