PhotoVu PV1965w is $1200 19-inch Widescreen Digital Picture Frame

James Allan Brady - Jul 27, 2007

That’s right, $1200 for a 19” picture frame. I just thought I would repeat it so it would sink in that, should you choose to buy one, you will be spending more on a picture frame than you could on an entire PC with a larger monitor.

Granted for a digital picture frame to have integrated wifi (b, but it’s upgradeable to g) its pretty impressive. Then to tack on a high resolution of 1440×900 and RSS integration for photo sharing websites, well that almost makes it worth it. No, no it doesn’t, I take that back.

You could buy a wall mountable 22” monitor for $2-300 which would give you roughly $900 to spend on a pc of which the only requirements are it can output at 1440×900, update via RSS and have wireless, I think I could do that, and for a lot less than $900. for that kind of money I could wall mount a Mac mini right next to the monitor and add wifi to it.

Its available now, at, for the aforementioned astronomical price of $1200.

The $1200 Widescreen Wireless Photo Frame [via crunchgear]

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