Photoshop update brings fan favorites to iPad, Public Beta to desktop

If you're looking for the full-powered Photoshop experience on an iPad, you've likely been biting your tongue. You've had an iPad or an iPad Pro for years, you've started using Photoshop on iPad, and it's cool but... something is missing. Now, in the latest update for the iPad version of Photoshop, two of the most essential tools in the Photoshop universe have arrived.

The latest update for Photoshop on iPad brings both Magic Wand and Healing Brush from the desktop app. At last, the fantastical computationally magic powers of the Healing Brush are on the Apple tablet. And the Magic Wand, one of the eldest and most key tools in Photoshop, has arrived for the iPad.

The iPad version of Photoshop will also get Canvas Projection in this latest update. This system allows live collaboration between devices with Photoshop. It also allows "seamless sharing" with other machines – neat!

Fresco for iPad also get a tiny update with color-based Adjustment Layers. This allows users to change and adjust colors in an image without "permanent commitment" – the hallmark of a cautious creator.

Photoshop for Desktop is also getting a set of upgrades with the latest update. There's a new "Discover panel" so users can gain access to hands-on tutorials and search for "tools, menu items, and workflows."

Photoshop for Desktop also gets a Transform Warp with independent Bezier handles. If you've only been using standard warp or warping perspective-style, this new feature could change the way you handle your imagery forever.

The same goes for Sky Replacement – it's far, far more massive now. Sky Replacement gets "many new, spectacular skies to choose from" with this latest update. There'll also be a new ability to import up to 5,000 skies all at the same time.

The desktop version of Photoshop also gets a new "Photoshop Beta" system starting in the month of August, 2021. Adobe suggests this will be "a new way Creative Cloud members can give feedback directly to the Photoshop team." We're expecting this update system will be similar to what we see in other Public Beta release systems, where Adobe sends early upgrades to users with the understanding that it might not all be perfect right out the gate – they'll want that feedback!

Access to the Photoshop Beta system will appear in the Creative Cloud desktop app. It'll be right alongside the standard Photoshop build, starting this week.