PhotoMath app solves math problems via phone camera

You know what sucks, but is also really necessary? Math. All those numbers and letters jumbled up with a bunch of slashes, staring at you from some book, in a class you don't want to take anyway. Why hasn't someone invented tech that can do it for you?! Wait, no, they have. PhotoMath is an awesome new app that lets you hover your phone over a math problem, with the answer popping up right before your eyes. It'll even give you step-by-step solutions!

PhotoMath is as simple as it sounds. You use your phone's camera to scan for math problems, and the results pop up on-screen. If you need to show your work, there's a menu that arranges for a step-by-step rundown to be shown as well.

The utility of this is phenomenal, but some are concerned it will encourage kids not to learn, instead relying on technology. Using technology as an aide in your studies is great; using it as a crutch is obviously not, nor is it the aim of PhotoMath.

The team behind PhotoMath has their heels in this kind of tech, and their previous app was used by several European banks to pay bills with your camera in much the same way PhotoMath works.

The app is available for iOS and Windows Phone, with Android support coming sometime in early 2015. It also doesn't recognize handwriting, but textbooks beware.

Source: PhotoMath

Via: TechCrunch