Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Dial case adds three cool lenses

Rue Liu - Nov 21, 2011
Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Dial case adds three cool lenses

We’ve seen plenty of fun iPhone camera lens attachments and accessories from Photojojo before and now the company has unveiled a new case for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S called the iPhone Lens Dial. The case features three lenses on a dial that easily rotate into place for immediate photo effects.

The iPhone Lens Dial offers a telephoto, fisheye, and wide-angle lens, a perfect trio for most of your casual phone photography needs. The 1.5x telephoto lens is great for long-distance shots while the 0.7x wide-angle lens takes in a lot more scenery into your frame for nice panoramic shots. And the 0.33x fisheye gives you those fun concave-looking creative shots.

The lenses are all made from “optical-quality” coated glass while the case itself is slim and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It also features two tripod mounts to work in either landscape or portrait mode. The Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial is available now for $249.

[via Photojojo]

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