Photojojo Telephoto 8X Lens For Your iPhone Camera

Many of us resort to our iPhones as our main camera for capturing life's memories as they happen in a moments notice. Whether at the ball game, out at the restaurant doing some foodie blogging, or just traveling around town, the ease of whipping out your phone to capture an instance trumps lugging around a DLSR despite the lesser image quality and lack of zoom. But you might not need to compromise convenience for functionality anymore now that Photojojo has in store a new telephoto lens and case made for your iPhone.

The Photojojo Telephoto lens for iPhone provides 8X telephoto zoom and is like having a 500mm Sigma lens for your phone. The lens attaches to a protective case that comes with the kit. So after replacing your current case with the one from Photojojo, you can simply screw on the lens when you need it. The lens is also fairly small and can easily fit in your pocket.

The kit comes with the lens, the phone case, a collapsible tripod, and a cleaning cloth. They have two versions, one for iPhone 3 series and one for iPhone 4 and is compatible with both Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 models. Pricing for the kit is $35 and is available at Photojojo.

[Via Photojojo]