Photographer Shoots Clouds In Their Element 4 Miles Up

I have plenty of photos around the house that have clouds in them from the same perspective of standing on the ground looking up. Clouds are really cool to look at, my kids are always looking for animals in the clouds and I bet lots more people are the same way. One photographer named Rudiger Nehmzow has taken photographing clouds to an extreme though.

This person goes into the air to shoot his photos and he doesn't shoot them out the window of an airplane either. Nehmzow goes up in the airplane with a tank of oxygen, a jacket and a strap to keep him from falling out of the plane and opens the door. Check out the vide below to see what I mean.

By shooting through an open door, the photographer is able to shoot without any interference caused by windows. The photos that he takes are simply awesome. You have to be dedicated to shoot photos inside a plane with the door open at 4 miles above the ground.

[via PetaPixel]