PhotoFast G-Monster 2.5-inch RAID SSD gets teardown, video benchmarks

We've already seen PhotoFast's stonkingly-fast G-Monster SSDs, which slap solid-state memory and a RAID controller onto a desktop PCIe card, and now the company has done the same thing but in a standard 2.5-inch drive casing.  The PhotoFast G-Monster V5 RAID SSD looks like a regular drive, but boasts either 128GB or 256GB of capacity and up to 270MB/sec read/write speeds; NetbookNews had a chance to go hands-on with the superlative drive.Video demo after the cut

Inside – as you can see in the video below – there's a 128MB SDRAM buffer, SATA-II 3.0Gbps interface and flash memory which PhotoFast claim is good for "at least ten years".  As with other SSDs its far more shock and vibration resistant than traditional storage.

Right now the G-Monster V5 only offers RAID 0 for super-fast data access and write times, but PhotoFast are apparently considering a custom version of the RAID controller.  That would allow owners to choose between speed and data redundancy, basically fitting an entire array into a netbook/ultraportable-sized drive.  As it is, the current version of the G-Monster V5 RAID SSD comes in at a not-inconsiderable $850.