Phonak Naída Paradise gives power back to those with severe hearing loss

Most consumer electronics products these days cater to people with more or less regular physical capabilities. Most of the time, this leaves many people with physical handicaps feeling powerless, especially given how these technologies, like smartphones, enable experiences that some take for granted these days. Phonak, a leader in the hearing aid market, has been working to empower those with hearing loss for seventy years and its latest Naída Paradise promises to help people with severe hearing disabilities connect to devices and to the world at large.

The Naída line has long been a mainstay of Phonak's hearing aids, delivering powerful, rich sound for those that need it the most. For its seventh iteration, Phonak brings its Paradise technology to add some intelligence to the table. Together, the Naída Paradise offers not only the ability to connect to almost any Bluetooth-enabled audio source but also gives wearers some of the conveniences that modern wearable technologies, especially Bluetooth earbuds, have to offer.

The Phonak Naída Paradise is really like a powerful hearing aid and a smart pair of earbuds in one. In addition to delivering strong audio up to 141 dB of peak gain, the hearing aids can intelligently make soft speech louder while reducing noise in loud environments. The Naída Paradise can connect to almost anything with Bluetooth Audio support as well as RogerDirect devices.

Going beyond the basic hearing aid needs, however, the Naída Paradise also functions as a smart Bluetooth headset, allowing users to take or reject calls at the tap of a button. Better yet, they can even use the same controls to launch assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.

Promising not only powerful sound but also industry-leading connectivity, the Phonak Naída Paradise is now available for pre-order for licensed hearing care professionals. Phonak's commitment, however, doesn't stop at product launch, with a new Memory feature coming to the myPhonak app that will allow storing a custom program right on the hearing aid itself. Also coming in late Spring is a Roger On remote mic that uses MultiBeam 2.0 tech so that users can simply point to a speaker to zoom in on its sound.