Phonak and Microsoft team to offer remote hearing aid adjustments

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 6, 2018, 2:04 pm CDT
Phonak and Microsoft team to offer remote hearing aid adjustments

Hearing solutions company Phonak has teamed with Microsoft to bring a new feature to Audéo Marvel hearing aids. Under the new partnership, Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aid users can now enjoy remote hearing adjustments from “virtually” anywhere. A mobile phone app connects users with professionals who can refine the hearing aids based on need.

The new partnership was announced by Phonak today, ushering in the launch of Phonak Remote Support Service, the cloud-based tech that relies on Microsoft Azure. This is the first result of what is said to be an ongoing “technological partnership” between Phonak’s parent company Sonova and Microsoft.

Remote Support Service is a game-changing technology for Phonak’s customers, making it possible for them to connect with their hearing professional using a mobile app. The app supports both video and voice-based communications, enabling the user to express their needs or concerns; the hearing professional can then remotely make adjustments to the hearing aid based on their need.

There’s an obvious benefit to this — users can get the adjustments they need without coming into the office, including while away on business or vacation. The initial hearing aid fitting will still require the user to visit their hearing professional, however.

The company explains that there are certain situations in which Remote Support Service may offer the user better care quality than they’d otherwise get in an office. This is due to the hearing care professional’s ability to get direct access to the “unique sound environment” experienced by the user. By enabling the pro to hear the troublesome environment, the system may better enable them to make the necessary adjustments.

The new remote features are part of the MyPhonak mobile app for Android and iOS.

SOURCE: GlobalNewswire

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