Philips Wake-up Light is gentle way to rouse

Brenda Barron - Sep 3, 2008
Philips Wake-up Light is gentle way to rouse

There’s nothing worse than being jolted awake in the morning by an obnoxious alarm clock. And we’ve seen many a novelty alarm here on SlashGear. But the Philips Wake-up Light is a gentler way to wake up.

You set the alarm just as you would with any other. But 30 minutes before it is to go off, the light will turn on very dim. Over the next 30 minutes, it will brighten more and more until it reaches full brightness. This gradual increase in brilliance is meant to imitate the sun’s rise.

By the time the light is fully on, you will wake up. This way of awakening is much more gradual and makes it so you’re more alert upon rising. Built-in sounds are included as well so you can wake up to a running spring or singing birds.

[via CrunchGear]

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