Philips unveils new line of smart health wearables

Philips has announced a new line of connected wearable devices, including a blood pressure monitor, a health watch, body analysis scale, and an ear thermometer. According to the company, these are the first in a larger product line of smart health products, with each one being medical-grade and designed to work with the HealthSuite Health companion app. The company will be launching the four products on August 1.

These new health products, like competing ones before them, are designed to help consumers monitor their health and make necessary lifestyle changes before any health problems surface. The items cover some of the most common aspects of health monitoring, including keeping tabs on levels of body fat, weight, and blood pressure.

Each device is pretty self-explanatory. The body analysis scale, for example, is able to make estimates about one's body fat level in addition to their weight and calculates the user's BMI. This will be available in both black and white options for $99.99 USD.

The thermometer, of course, takes body temperature and does so within two seconds; it will cost $59.99 USD. The blood pressure monitor (both arm and wrist versions will be available) measures both diastolic and systolic blood pressure and doubles as heart rate monitors; the arm monitor will be $99.99 and the wrist monitor will be $89.99 USD.

Finally, there's the health watch, which monitors health metrics like heart rate, one's activity levels, and also tracks sleep patterns. The watch will cost $249.99 USD.