Philips Universal Remote Prestigo SRT9320 gets touchscreen treatment

Daniel Lim - Dec 17, 2008
Philips Universal Remote Prestigo SRT9320 gets touchscreen treatment

Not everyone has an All-in-One Home theater system that can manage its full-feature within a single remote control. Thanks to a programmable Universal remote control, I’m able to operate multiple electronic consumer devices using a single controller device on my component shelf, regardless of the brand. If you are in the process to eliminate the need of multiple remote control units, Philips has refreshed their Prestigo Universal remote line-up with SRT 9320 with a 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD screen mixed with hard buttons. It worth a look.

The SRT9320 can control up to 20 devices and is completely programmable to enable multi-devices macro and learning modes. Though it come equipped with a USB port for software update, the device can be programmed directly without the need of the software apps. The touchscreen LCD can display your favorite channel line-up and customized commands.

Unlike their flagship Pronto series remote control, the Prestigo doesn’t has a cradle or charger docking station (doesn’t use rechargeable battery) and it lacks the much-advanced RF capabilities. Priced at $249, Philips’ Prestigo SRT9320 is slated to release in the first quarter of 2009.

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