Philips tentative answer to AppleTV's streaming media

I'm not going to make the obvious "borrowing of industrial design" comment, but Philips partially-unveiled answer to the AppleTV looks to be sticking a little too closely to established media streamer form for my liking.  Inside the brushed-aluminium box is a 40GB hard-drive, while you can plug in larger hard-drives round the back, as well HDMI, optical audio and a WiFi connection hidden inside.


All well and good, but why 40GB?  I know these streamers are intended to bring media from elsewhere in the network (or online) to your TV, but with even the most basic of PVRs these days having 80GB+ drives tucked inside it just seems a waste of potential. 

TrustedReviews are waiting to get their hands on the interface and check out the media formats supported, though it's fair to assume that it'll be a little more open than AppleTV is (pre-hacking, anyway).  Price-wise you can similarly expect it in the same ballpark as the Apple product.

TrustedReviews [via Krunker]