Philips outs world's first LED substitute for 75W incandescent

If you follow developments in the world of green gear at all, you know that the incandescent light bulb is not the most efficient means of lighting. These bulbs put out lots of heat and consume lots more power than other light tech like LED of CCFL. The problem is that incandescent bulbs are cheap and the other lights are very expensive. The most common light bulb used in many homes is the venerable 75W bulb with just the right amount of light for many needs.

Philips has announced a new green LED light bulb that has the same light output as a 75W incandescent. Philips claims that it is the first bulb to offer the light output of a 75W via LEDs. While it produces the same amount of light, it consumes 80% less power than your average 75W incandescent. Not only do the LED bulbs use less power, they also last longer.

The LED bulb is rated for 25 times the life span of your typical incandescent bulb. The bulbs in my home only seem to last about 30 days at best and some of them are way up high in the air with vaulted ceilings and can be very difficult to change. The bulb uses 17W of power and produces 1100 lumens of light. The kick in the groin with this bulb is the price. One will cost you $40 to $45 and when a single fixture usually has two bulbs at least, replacing an entire home is far from cheap.

[via Inhabitat]