Philips launches green TV in Europe with sweet solar remote

Shane McGlaun - Oct 29, 2010, 3:55 am CDT
Philips launches green TV in Europe with sweet solar remote

The TV market is turning into a bit of a commodity market these days with everyone offering up sets that have very similar features and often use the same exact screens. All you get that is different on some sets is the brand name. Philips has unveiled a new green TV for Europe that is a bit boring called the Econova LED TV with a 42-inch screen.

The set has green features and needs only 40W of juice in eco-mode and is made from recycled aluminum. It also and has a 0W mode when turned off. BORING. What’s not boring bout the set is its remote control. Philips bundles a remote with the TV that is solar powered. That is something you don’t see on every TV.

The solar remote has been designed to be green and needs no batteries. Few details are actually offered about the remote, but I can say I wish my Harmony One were solar powered. It will run for just long enough on a charge for me to forget the thing needs to be placed on the charge cradle across the room. The Philips solar remote appears to lack multi device control capability. The downside to solar power is that you will need to be able to set the thing near a window and if there isn’t one near your set that can be a pain.

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