Philips Hue Bridge v1 will stop working with Google Assistant tomorrow

The appeal of smart homes and smart appliances isn't just the fact that they connect to the Internet. It's the fact that they connect to Internet-based services and features, like remote control from phones or voice commands makes them the ultimate modern convenience. Unfortunately for owners of Philips' first-generation Hue Bridge, that convenience is finally coming to a close with Google pulling the plug out of its Assistant integration on Monday.

This shouldn't really come as a surprise since Philips already announced the end for its first Hue Bridge way back in March. Back then, what is said was that it was cutting off support as well as the bridge's Internet access on April 30, 2020. For an Internet of Things or IoT device, that was close as you could get to a death sentence.

Of course, the Bridge still worked locally with other connected appliances. In fact, it was surprising that even Google Assistant voice controls still worked as long as your phone and the Hue Bridge were sitting on the same local Wi-Fi network. Sadly, even that wasn't meant to last.

Users have reported that they have been warned once in a while by Google Assistant that it would stop working with the first-gen Philips Hue Bridge starting June 22, Monday. It's not enough time to really prepare for the end but it still comes two months after the wireless cord was cut, so to speak. Dissatisfied owners should have probably made plans by then.

That said, the Hue Bridge v1 will still continue working inside your home, just not for what it was primarily intended to do. Philips is, of course, pushing its second-gen Bridge with the promise that it doesn't have a scheduled end-of-life. That is at least until it decides on one.