Philips DiamondClean Rechargeable toothbrush charges via USB

Philips has unveiled a toothbrush that should be plenty geeky for you tech heads out there. The toothbrush is called the DiamondClean Rechargeable sonic toothbrush and it can charge from your AC outlet or from your USB port on the computer. If you are the sort that brushes your teeth at work this may be the perfect toothbrush for you.

The toothbrush is crazy fast with 31,000 brush strokes per minute and it has two DiamondClean brush heads. Philips claims that the toothbrush removes 100% more plaque than a normal toothbrush. Philips also claims that you can see improvements in gum health in only two weeks. The toothbrush also whitens teeth and has five modes to choose from.

The battery inside the toothbrush is good for 42 two minute brushings and it has a glowing icon for indicating the battery life. The little display on the brush handle shows the mode you are using and is invisible when the power is off. The toothbrush isn't cheap at around $220.