Philips AJL308 - now the big dogs are in the Digital Picture Frame market

Digital Picture Frames were a dream, and a dumb one. This one isn't much different other than its slightly more attractive, and will probably last marginally longer than some knockoff branded one.

It has a 7" screen, SD/MMC card slot, and is also a clock radio/MP3 player. Like I said, its marginally more impressive that the knockoff ones, but at least the generic brands have cool features like WiFi, the ability to email pictures to your frame, the ability to text message photos to your frame or stuff like that.

If you still want one, my condolences. If you really still want one its 159 Euros or about 1.5 times that for USD. Like I said, this one looks marginally better than the others, and given the marginal additions in functionality, it might not be that bad of an investment, but I still think picture frames on whole are dumb.

[via generationMP3]