Phiaton unveils new PS 210 BTNC noise canceling earphones

More often than not, when we are talking about noise canceling headphones were talking about big over the ear designs. Phiaton has announced a new set of noise canceling earphones that have an impressively small design and other interesting features that will make these appealing to some users. The PS 210 BTNC earphones certainly aren't the first in-ear noise canceling earphones, but these are impressively full-featured.

The earphones use active noise cancellation technology and have Bluetooth 3.0 integrated. The enhanced noise cancellation technology promises to neutralize up 95% of ambient background noise wherever you are. Bluetooth 3.0 allows the earphones to have improved bandwidth, clarity, and sound quality compared to devices using older versions Bluetooth.

These particular earphones also support connectivity with your smartphone for making and receiving calls. The internal battery is good for 12 hours of phone calls, 14 hours of music listening, and 250 hours on standby per charge. The design of the headphones uses what the company calls "half in-ear" for comfort and a better fit.

Another interesting feature is special Echo-off noise reduction technology to eliminate background noise from the microphone while on a call. The drivers inside the earphones are 14.3 mm units promising high sound quality. The earphones will sell for $159 and be purchased online and in retail outlets.