Phase One A-Series IQ3 100MP Medium Format Camera System Now Shipping

A new super high-end camera for professional photographers has debuted. The camera is called the Phase One A-series IQ3 100MP medium format camera system. It was developed in cooperation with ALPA and slips into the line along with the existing A-series models. The new camera works with the ALPA platform and Phase One XF camera system.

The IQ3 is based on the ALPA 12TC camera body and each unit comes with a 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. A pair of optional lenses is available including an ultra-wide 23mm and a 70mm ALPA HR Alpagon. Along with the new 100MP unit, other models in the series offer 50MP, 60MP, and 80MP resolution.

The Phase One A-series cameras have factory configured in-camera lens calibrations. That means that photographers don't need to create and apply colorcast correction profiles all they need to do is attach the lens and start taking photos.

The IQ3 100MP camera system is shipping right now with availability via Phase One partners globally. Being a high-end camera, it carries a high-end price tag of $56,000. That price includes the 35mm lens mentioned before. The camera includes a 5-year warranty and uptime guarantee with personalized 24/7 support.

SOURCE: Photographyblog